Growing strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and grapes in your garden

Grapes and berries are well suited for growing in the home garden. Compared to fruit trees, small fruits bear fruit in much less time, require less space and tend to suffer from fewer insect and disease problems. Some small fruits can even be incorporated into the landscape.

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Fruit crops will produce best when located in full sun with fertile, well-drained soil. If possible avoid planting in a low-lying area which can be a "frost pocket", increasing the chances of spring frost. With most types it is useful to select more than one variety. Selecting varieties with different ripening dates will extend the harvest season and may improve pollination.

Bearing age, average yield and life span of home-grown berries and grapes:

Fruit Type Bearing Age Average Annual Yield per Plant Suggested Number of Plants for Family of 4 Life Expectancy
Blueberry Highbush 3 years 8 lb. 6 20-30 years

Blackberry Erect 2 years 4 lb. 6 5-12 years

  Semitrailing 2 years 20 lb. 2 5-20 years

Raspberry Red, Black 2 years 2-4 lb. 6 5-10 years

Strawberry Junebearing 2 years 1/2 lb. 50 3-4 years

  Everbearing 1 year 1/3 lb. 50 2-3 years

Grape Bunch 3 years 15 lb. 4 15-20 years

growing berries in your home gardenReady to start growing berries and grapes in your home garden? Follow these tip sheets for how to grow:

Primary source:
Small Fruit for the Home Garden, Linda Blue, Agricultural Extension Agent, Buncombe County, NC

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